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                                                                  THE COVER

                                                           NUESTRA PORTADA




                    ALEYDA AGUADO de QUINTERO





Desde muy niña me gustó hacer emprendimiento con obras

de teatro e invitaba a todas las niñas de mi barrio y colocaba

a las niñas a presentarse en tarimas y perdieran ese miedo

de hablar en público y le hacía pasabocas para que le

cogieran amor al arte 

                                  ENTREVISTA A GRACIELA SAEZ



                   J A N E T H      Z A M B R A N O


                                                                                       D E S I G N E R. 



                                             L o u l o u    D a m o u r 




                                             N A E E M    KHAN

Born in Cumbala Hills of Mumbai, Naeem Khan is a New York based designer whose designs have been donned by people like Eva Longoria, Michelle Obama, Princess Aga Khan, Leighton Meester, Beyonce and Brooke Shields. The designer is currently married to model turned jewelry designer Ranjana Khan. Khan’s designs have also taken over the silver screen by storm with his designs spotted on shows like Sex and the City and Dream Girls.

                  J  U  D  Y    F I T Z G E R A  L D





Judy Fitzgerald is an Irish model who became nationally recognised after winning the Miss Bikini Ireland model search. After being crowned Miss Bikini Ireland she went on to represent Ireland in the world finals in Cancun, Mexico & competed against women from 80 countries worldwide. 

Judy is a high profile model who has worked with the world’s leading photographers and featured in many national and international publications. She has worked at many high profile events including New York Fashion Week, the Cannes Film Festival, the Monaco Grand Prix and Wimbledon to name but a few.

Judy is also an actress who has worked on a variety of TV ventures, TV shows and commercials. She has also worked as a judge and host at various beauty pageants and social events. She is part of one of the biggest MMA companies in the world BAMMA, appearing on national television as a BAMMA Belle. She moonlights as Irelands leading ringcard girl appearing at irish white color boxing, Fightcon, SBG, Celtic Clash and cage lecacy events.

Judy is Irelands European fitness model champion. Since wining her PRO status she has represented Ireland in the world championships.

She is also a qualified Nurse, fitness instructor and lifeguard. She enjoys leading a healthy lifestyle and promoting Heath and well-being.

                                                                        A N G E L    R I V E R A




The Angel Rivera collection is the essence of sophistication and glamour in its dramatic silhouettes, finest silks and spectacular beading. Angel Rivera designs for the bride who commands the spotlight.


Born Angel Rocky Rivera to Spanish parents Madeline and  Angel Sr., Angel Rivera was born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, and moved to Ohio at the age of two.  As a child, Angel had an innate desire to create beautiful things.  He was obsessed with fashion, and when he was old enough, he began to dress and accessorize his sisters for all kinds of occasions.  But it was bridal that really caught his attention.  “A wedding dress is the most important garment a woman will ever wear, and one that she will always remember and treasure,” says Angel.After receiving his degree in Fashion Studies at Youngstown State University, Angel moved to New York in pursuit of a career in fashion. 


Heidi Klum is a Germany and american model,actress,TV host,business woman,fashion designer,TV producer,artist and occasional singer who has net worth of $90 millon.Heidi Klum was born on june 1 1973 i Bergisch Gladbach a town outside cologne.She entered a modeling contest in West Germany in 1992 when was 19 years old and won a modeling contract,She beat out 25.000 other contest for the contract with New York's Metropolitan Model.

                                                                          TAMARA GALINDO 

                                                                      DISEÑADORA  Cuenca-Ecuador



"Alexandra Popescu-York is a Romanian born, New York based artist. Alexandra’s work is emotional, vivid and symbolic. Combining her design work in the fashion industry with a true passion for painting, Popescu-York created a style uniquely her own, a bridge between fashion and art. "



About Norma Ishak.
A New York based brand,Norma Ishak,designed by Valerie Mouawad;has an impressive range of products that my appeal to a diverse number of audiences.Holding an outstanding number number of uncommon yarns,Norma Ishak produces sublime cashmere,cotton,silk and wool pieces that will compliment any outfit.Norma Ishak's versatility is one of the main characteristics that is linked to the brand's success and atracctiveness.

About Valerie Mouawad.
Valerie is the co-founder of Norma Ishak.Collecting rare and luxurious yarn from around the world is a passion that Valerie acquired her mother Norma.Together,the mother and doughter duo transform the yarn into unique pieces of wearable art.They continue to regularly present eye-catching ranges of truly unique knitwear made with only the finest fabrics,beads and feathers in the world.Today,as always,they personally desing and inspect each pieces in her high quality,fashion-forward collections

En su pagina en español..........

                           DOMINIKA ESTARA

In 2009, singer Dominika Stara beat out thousands of hopefuls and landed a spot on Czechoslovakian Superstar, her country’s version of American Idol. Dominika took first place for the ladies, third overall and she never looked back. With over 79,000 Facebook fans, Dominika has won the hearts of countless people worldwide.En 2009, el cantante Dominika Stara venció a miles de aspirantes y aterrizó un punto en Checoslovaco Superstar, versión de su país de American Idol. Dominika tomó el primer lugar para las damas, tercer general y ella nunca miró hacia atrás.

En 2009, el cantante Dominika Stara venció a miles de aspirantes y aterrizó un punto en Checoslovaco Superstar, versión de su país de American Idol.        SPANISH Dominika tomó el primer lugar para las damas, tercer general y ella nunca miró hacia atrás. Con más de 79.000 fanáticos en Facebook, Dominika ha ganado los corazones de innumerables personas en todo el mundo.




Entrevista : A Sara Lili Cashindo Santamaria 

DESIGNER de la marca NISHA Tradición amazónica.


“La Amazona es un territorio que comparten ocho países, tiene una extensión aproximada de 7,4 millones de km2 y es uno de los principales reservorios de carbono del planeta, y uno de los territorios con mayor biodiversidad.  Se identifica como un territorio generador de servicios ambientales, a escala regional y mundial, lo que también lo convierte en un asunto geopolítico.


         La Belleza de una inspiración




Una de mis principales fortalezas es que no tengo limites cuando se trata de crear belleza

                   Central Park

               New York City - Fall

                  GENESIS HUGO


                             ANDRES AQUINO


               FASHION COUTURE WEEK -2017

                 Angel Rivera

The Angel Rivera collection is the essence of sophistication and glamour in its dramatic silhouettes, finest silks and spectacular beading. Angel Rivera designs for the bride who commands the spotlight.

Spanish.-La colección de Ángel Rivera es la esencia de la sofisticación y el glamour en sus siluetas dramáticas, sedas más finas y abalorios espectaculares. Angel Rivera diseña para la novia que ordena la atención.



Photography:Marco Munoz Ortega

 Maryann Connolly is a multi-award-winning performer who has garnered numerous top titles. As a Star Champion for the National Organization Champions Against Bullying, Maryann travels across the country promoting her cause to put an end to bullying with her music. Her passion for working with children is fulfilled being a performer for Party Princess Productions living out her dream as Cinderella and Elsa. Maryann is a lead vocalist for Cape Christian and is on the Teen Advisory Board for Make A Wish. She just returned from her third season perfoming at the prestigious Couture Fashion Week in New York City.  

                    Miguel Cotto

Born on October 29,1980,in Caguas,Puerto Rico,Miguel Cotto begam Boxing very young in amateur competitions>By age 16,Cotto had became the Puerto Rican Nacional Amateur Champion(at 132 pounds) in 1997.Miguel Cotto represented Puerto Rico at the 1999 Pan Am Games at the 2000 Olympic Games In Sidney.

In his professional  career Miguel Cotto became champion in four different weight classes.He is the only Puerto Rican to ever accomplish such an endeavor.

Hi is the owner of Miguel Cotto Promotions which organizes fight cards in Puerto Rico,and takes part in different charity organizations

                SILVIYA TASEVA  


Photographer:Marco Munoz Ortega

    RAY RAFFLOER & SHELBY JOY COLE                           


               ROBERT HARTSHOR 


ENGLISH...Though I am a 4th generation artist and have painted all my life, I do not have traditional art training. Instead, I began a successful but more conservative career with an MBA from the Wharton School of Business. I soon learned that corporate business and a life of creative fulfillment have little common ground, and my passion for artistic expression through painting eventually won.

SPANISH..Aunque soy un artista de la generación cuarta y haber pintado toda mi vida, yo no tengo arte tradicional de formación. En cambio, comencé una carrera exitosa pero más conservadora con un MBA de la Wharton School of Business. Pronto aprendí que negocios corporativos y una vida de plenitud creativa tienen poco en común, y mi pasión por la expresión artística a través de la pintura al final ganó.

Photography by:Marco Munoz Ortega

                      DANA MICHEL



Dana Michel is a choreographer and performer based in Montreal, Canada.  Before entering the BFA in Contemporary Dance program at Concordia University in her late twenties, she was a marketing executive, competitive runner and football player. In 2011, She had the honour of being a danceWEB scholar, allowing her to deepen her research process at ImPulsTanz in Vienna, Austria.

Her practice is rooted in exploring the multiplicity of identity using intuitive improvisation.  She works with notions of performative alchemy and post-cultural bricolage – using live moments, object appropriation, personal history, future desires and current preoccupations to create an empathetic centrifuge of experience between herself and witnesses.  Today, her work can perhaps best be described by its influences: lucid cinematography, living sculpture, physical comedy, psychological excavation, deconstructed social commentary, the bulimic logic of Hip Hop and child-like naïveté.


SPANISH....Dana Michel es un coreógrafo y artista con sede en Montreal, Canadá. Antes de entrar en el BFA en programa de danza contemporánea en La Universidad de Concordia en sus finales de los años veinte, era un ejecutivo de marketing, corredor competitivo y jugador de fútbol. En 2011, tuvo el honor de ser un erudito danceWEB , permitiéndole profundizar en su proceso de investigación en ImPulsTanz en Viena, Austria.

Su práctica tiene sus raíces en la exploración de la multiplicidad de identidad usando improvisación intuitiva. Ella trabaja con las nociones de alquimia performativa y bricolage post cultural – uso de vivir momentos, apropiación de objeto, historia personal, deseos futuros y preocupaciones actuales para crear una centrifugadora empática de experiencia entre ella y los testigos. Hoy en día, su trabajo puede quizás mejor ser descrito por sus influencias: cinematografía lúcida, viviendo la escultura, comedia física, psicológica excavación, deconstruye el comentario social, la lógica bulímica de Hip Hop y la ingenuidad infantil.



               PAUL McCARTNEY                                      

photography by:Cecilia Vallejo

ENGLISH,,,Sir Paul McCartney was born James Paul McCartney in Liverpool in 1942. His father, Jim McCartney worked as a cotton salesman and his mother, Mary, worked as a nurse and midwife. Paul's dad had a talent for music too, and was a keen pianist: he even had his own band, called Jim Mac's Jazz Band. Paul's younger brother, Michael, is better known as Mike McGear, the Liverpool poet who belongs to a group called The Scaffold. Mike uses the stage name McGear so as not to capitalise on his older brother's fame.

Growing up in Liverpool just after World War II, Sir Paul enjoyed a happy and uneventful childhood and showed an early gift for music and also for art. He did well at primary school and was one of only four pupils in his year to pass the 11+ exam. His success earned him a place at the prestigious Liverpool Institute for Boys, which he attended from 1953 until 1960. He left school having passed A-levels in English and art.

ESPAÑOL.....Sir Paul McCartney nació a James Paul McCartney en Liverpool en 1942. Su padre, Jim McCartney trabajó como vendedor de algodón y su madre, María, trabajado como enfermera y partera. Padre de Pablo también tenía un talento para la música y era un gran pianista: incluso tuvo su propia banda, llamada Jim Mac Jazz Band. El hermano menor de Pablo, Michael, es mejor conocido como Mike McGear, el poeta de Liverpool que pertenece a un grupo llamado el andamio. Mike utiliza el nombre artístico de McGear para no capitalizar la fama de su hermano mayor.

Creciendo en Liverpool justo después de la II guerra mundial, Sir Paul disfrutaron de una infancia feliz y sin incidentes y mostró un regalo para la música y también por el arte. Hizo bien en la escuela primaria y fue uno de sólo cuatro alumnos en su año para aprobar el examen 11 +. Su éxito le valió un lugar en el prestigioso Instituto de Liverpool para los niños, que asistió desde 1953 hasta 1960. Dejó el colegio haber superado el bachillerato en inglés y arte.

                Ly Giam Tien

              Winner "Proyect Runway" (Vietnam)





Nació en Quito el 11 de Junio de 1994. Inicia sus estudios musicales en el Conservatorio Franz Liszt de la Ciudad de Quito, a la edad de 5 años, bajo la dirección de la Maestra Cubana Zelfita Diaz.

En Mayo del 2002, a la edad de 7 años y, luego de participar en un Concurso Nacional se hizo acreedor al Premio Franz Liszt, el cual le permitió viajar en representación del Ecuador al "CONCURSO INTERNACIONAL JEUNESSES MUSICALES" en Bucarest – Rumania, quedando finalista.

ENGLISH,,,,,He was born in Quito on June 11, 1994. He began his musical studies at the Conservatorio Franz Liszt of the city of Quito, at the age of 5 years, under the direction of the teacher Cuban Zelfita Diaz.

In May 2002, at the age of 7 years and, after participating in a national contest became creditor to the Franz Liszt Prize, which allowed him to travel on behalf of the Ecuador to "International competition JEUNESSES MUSICALES" in Bucharest - Romania, being a finalist.


                                   ELENA POPZLATEVA

               BALLERINA  &  MODEL 

photography by:Marco Munoz Ortega

Getting back up is LIVING!" Don't give up n your dream, and don't be afraid to fight for what you want. Thank you so much for supporting this magazine!

Elena Popzlateva is a Bulgarian Ballerina and Model. She came to the United States when she was fourteen years old and has lived in Los Angeles, CA , ever since. Elena began Ballet in 2003 in the National School of Dance Art in Sofia,Bulgaria.Then in 2012 she graduated from the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts within the Dance Department. Right now she is training hard and hoping to get into a prestige Ballet Company such as The American Ballet Theatre in New York City.
Her modeling career started when she was eighteen years old and got discovered in her local mall by a Model Scout. Since then she has signed contracts with FORD LA and Supreme NY. Elena has been featured in magazines such as Filler Magazine, Dark Beauty, and COCO Magazine. She has also walked for Marc Jacob for a charity-event show. As well Elena is an actress that has been featured in the SYFY show Face Off in season five and six, she is currently filming season seven.

 SPANISH,,,,Elena Popzlateva es un modelo y bailarina búlgaro. Ella vino a los Estados Unidos cuando tenía catorce años y ha vivido en Los Angeles, CA, desde entonces. Elena comenzó Ballet en 2003 en la escuela nacional de danza de arte en Sofia,Bulgaria.Then en el 2012 se graduó de la secundaria del Condado de Los Angeles para las artes en el Departamento de danza. Ahora ella está entrenando duro y la esperanza de conseguir en un prestigio de la compañía de Ballet como el American Ballet Theatre de Nueva York.

Su carrera como modelo comenzado cuando ella tenía 18 años y tiene descubierta en su centro comercial local por un modelo Scout. Desde entonces ella ha firmado contratos con LA FORD y Supremo NY. Elena ha aparecido en revistas como revista de relleno, belleza oscura y COCO revista. Ella también ha caminado por Marc Jacob para un programa de caridad-evento. Elena es una actriz que ha aparecido en el SYFY Mostrar cara apagado en la temporada 5 y 6, ella está filmando actualmente temporada siete.

                    GIANNI RUSSO (ACTOR)

Gianni Russo has appeared in more than 45 motion pictures, but is perhaps best known for his portrayal of the infamous son-in-law, Carlo Rizzi in the iconic film The Godfather. He has also appeared in such motion picture hits as The Freshman, Rush Hour, Any Given Sunday, Sea Biscuit, and the recently released Send No Flowers, as well as in numerous television roles in Kojak, The Rockford Files, Prison Break, and more

Español....Gianni Russo ha aparecido en más de 45 imágenes en movimiento, pero es quizás mejor conocido por su interpretación del yerno infame, Carlo Rizzi en la icónica película El padrino . También ha aparecido en la película éxitos como The Freshman, hora punta, cualquier dado el domingo, galleta de mary el recientemente lanzado Enviar sin floresasí como en numerosos papeles en la televisión Kojak, The Rockford Files, Prison Break, y más

                               VALERIE MOUAWAD

fotography by:Marco Muñoz Ortega

Español....Fátima inició su carrera artística desde muy temprana edad. Sus inicios fueron el modelaje a los siete años, luego de que su madre la inscribiera en una academia particular. Inmediatamente, los dueños de las agencias observaron sus cualidades y empezaron a contratarla. Desde entonces ha hecho publicidad para revistas como Benneton, Chic Monalisa, Newsweek, Kids, entre otras.

ENGLISH.......Fatima began his artistic career from an early age. Its beginnings were modeling at the age of seven, once her mother placed her in a private Academy. Immediately, the owners of the agencies noted qualities and began to hire. Since then he has made advertising for magazines like Benneton, Chic Monalisa, Newsweek, Kids, among others.

                 VIENTOS ANDINOS


Fotografía por:Marco Muñoz Ortega




Mario Samniego nació en Riobamba,sus estudios primarios los realizó en la escuela La Salle de Quito,y sus estudios secundarios en el Colegiuo Latinoamericano,opteniendo el titulo de bachiller en Humanidades modernas,especialización en Ciencuias Sociales......

photography by:Marco Muñoz Ortega

Ryan Rodney Reynolds,October 23,1976.
Reynolds was born in Vancouver, British Columbia. His father, Jim, is a food wholesaler, and his mother, Tammy, is a retail salesperson. He is of Irish ancestry and was raised as a Roman Catholic. The youngest of four brothers, he graduated from Kitsilano Secondary School in Vancouver in 1994. He later attended Kwantlen Polytechnic University, also in Vancouver, until dropping out.Two of his elder brothers work as police officers in British Columbia, one of whom is a Royal Canadian Mounted Police member.

lea más en su pagina en español.........

DR:JORGE PAMPLONA ROGER Tomado de su libro

          Dra:Carla Rivadeneira Rodriguez (Ecuador)

Recuerda que cada sistema de tu organismo es a su vez parte de un sistema mayor... Por lo mismo cada célula en tu cuerpo, independientemente de que tipo sea, se entera de lo que ocurre con las demás.

Es por esto que tus pensamientos y emociones son escuchados y percibidos por cada una de estas células
Más aun las células de tu Sistema Inmunológico están en constante atención de las imágenes, ideas, sensaciones y emociones que experimentan

Si tus pensamientos te llevan a experimentar temor, angustia, inseguridad vibran en una frecuencia que inevitablemente perciben tus células inmunológicas y ¿cuál crees que es el resultado que vibren en dicha frecuencia?

Lo que ocurre es que la increíble Farmacia Interna que existe en tu cuerpo no puede procesar y administrar de manera correcta el "Antibiótico... Analgésico" o la sustancia necesaria para combatir esa enfermedad

ONE OF THE BEST dj’S OF New York,,

  Solange Merdinian (Mezzo Soprano)

Acclaimed for her "smoldering"  stage presence" (Nerw York times) her richlyhued voice" (BBC Music magazine),Armenian-Argentineanmezzo-soprano SOLANGE MERDINIAN has garnered an internacionalreputation for her versatility and interpretation as a recitalist,chamber musician,and opera singer in repertoire ranging from baroque to contemporary.

Recent highlights in 2013 include Ms Merdinian's critically-praised "tour de force" debut role of Maria in Piazzolla's tango-Opera Maria de Buenos Aires with the Lexington Philharmonic.

Ms Merdinian,next month in an exclusive interview....

    Una Familia unida por la Música

photography by: Marco Muñoz Ortega

Danushe Hlavenka de Treviño

Concertista de Piano – Violoncello y Acordeón


Hija del Ingeniero Checo Antonín Hlavenka Matoushková y de la afamada Maestra de Piano, Concertista y Compositora Doña Divina Ycaza Coral, descendiente directa de la Ilustre Dama guayaquileña Ana Villamil Ycaza, compositora del Himno a Guayaquil.


                 LEO MESSI  "EL DIVINO'




Ferrocarriles Ecuatorianos vea más,,,,



Photography by:Marcos Muñoz Ortega


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